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10 Award-Winning Bartenders You Must Visit at the Bar

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Over the past several years, Jakarta’s cocktail bar culture has gone through an enormous transformation. Moving from having only mere nightclubs serving the most basic of drinks, to having beautifully designed cocktail bars serving up some world-class specialties. Every year yields more and more quality craft cocktail bars, a concept once utterly unheard of in the city; it is no doubt that Indonesia’s capital has become a powerhouse amongst Asia’s drinking cities. This change can be credited to the numerous talented local mixologists and bartenders working at the bars, crafting Indonesian and modern culture with every drink. Celebrate our local talents by visiting some award-winning Indonesian bartenders who you can still find regularly working behind the bar.

1. Albert Yacob – A/A Bar

Currently working as the Beverage and Operation Manager of the well-known speakeasy A/A Bar, you will often find Albert Yacob between hosting at the bar or slinging some impressive martinis for lucky guests. The 2017 Southeast Asia Winner of the Monkey Shoulder Ultimate Bartender Championship, was a part of the opening team of A/A Bar in 2019 and has since been integral in running the A/A ship on a day to day basis as well as coming up with new recipes to dazzle their guests. Please don’t be shy to drop by A/A Bar and order his latest creations, the Hops, and Wormwood, two high volume cocktails perfect for sharing with a crowd.

A/A Bar

Jl. Gunawarman No. 79, Jakarta Selatan

P: +62 85921582888

IG: aa___bar

2. Darren Defretes – Nautilus Bar at the Four Seasons Jakarta

Arguably one of the most talented young Indonesian bartenders in the industry today, Nehemia G.C.O Defretes, also known as Darren, in the past few years has won himself an impressive number of bartending competition titles. Winning the Campari Indonesia and Ophir Gin crowns in 2018, he continued his streak into last year with the Giffard West Cup Indonesia. An enormous talent behind the bar, he is also known as a fantastic host. Taking the stage at the Nautilus Bar in the Four Seasons Hotel in Jakarta, he is one local bartender you must visit on this list.

Nautilus Bar

Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta, Jl. Gatot Subroto, Jakarta Selatan

P: +6221 22771888

IG: fsjakarta

3. Fahri Yusuf – BUNK Bar & Lounge at the Pullman Hotel Central Park

Resilience fittingly describes the resident mixologist at the BUNK Bar & Lounge at the Pullman Hotel Central Park. Despite only having worked for nearly three years behind the bar, Fahri Yusuf, also known as Ucup, has competed in a multitude of national bartending competitions over the past few years. His most significant achievement to date is winning the Dilmah Mixology Playoff just last year, where he wowed judges with his tea cocktails. You can easily meet Fahri at the BUNK Bar & Lounge located in the lobby of the Pullman Central Park Hotel. Try out his HaHaHa! And The 1887 cocktails while you are there!

BUNK Bar & Lounge

Pullman Hotel Central Park, Podomoro City, Letjen S. Parman, Jakarta Barat

P: +6221 29200088

IG: bunkpullmancp

4. Henry Maraben Siktimu – Loewy Jakarta

Extremely friendly and a gracious host, Henry Maraben Siktimu, more commonly known as Ale, is the man to meet when visiting Loewy Jakarta located in the Mega Kuningan Circle. A bar veteran of over twelve years, Ale competed against the best bartenders that Indonesia has to offer during his career. He sealed his name as one of the best in 2015 when he won the London No.3 Cocktail Competition, beating out the rest of his competitors. Since then, he brings his flair in his drinks inspired by the flavors from the “Nusantara.” Try his creations next time you are visiting Loewy Jakarta, amongst which are the Kalamansi Highball, Old Man Jack, La Isla, The Notorious, and the Black Dahlia on the menu.

Loewy Jakarta

Oakwood Premier Cozmo Jalan Lingkar Mega Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan

P: +6221 25542378

IG: loewyjakarta


5. Jakob Oetama Manurung – Social House

2019 was Jakob Oetama Manurung’s year, where he sealed his name with some of Indonesia’s greats when he represented the country at the world-renowned Diageo World Class Competition. The sea turtle and coffee-loving bartender took the crown as the latest winner of Indonesia’s World Class winner early last year, gaining him a place in the finals against some of the world’s best bartenders in Glasgow late last year. Now he conducts research and development for the beverage program for the Ismaya Group and is currently working in Social House, developing the drinks there. On your next visit to the Social House, find Jakob at the bar and let him help you decide the right drink for you.

Social House

Grand Indonesia, Jalan M.H. Thamrin, Jakarta Pusat

P: +6221 23581818


6. Mega Amelia – Social Garden

If you’ve ever made your way to the beautifully decorated Social Garden in Senayan City, you would have most likely had a look at their beverage menu. With cocktails seemingly picked straight out of the garden, you can thank Mega Amelia or Amelia for short, for the brilliant drinks. The Group Beverage Manager for Ismaya has over twelve years of experience in the bar industry and overseen the creation of several beverage programs across the city. Amelia is most known for taking the title as champion at the Teisseire Cocktail Competition back in 2016 and has since stamped her reputation as one of the best in the city. Find her at her current outlet Social Garden and try her garden variety cocktails such as the Hills of Okinawa or the Caribbean Potion of Youth.

Social Garden

Senayan City, Jl. Asia Afrika, Jakarta Pusat

P: +6221 72781516


7. Muhammad Zaky – Doublechin at the Artotel Thamrin

Service with a smile, you will almost always find Muhammad Zaky, also known as Zakyoso, at the Doublechin bar with a friendly smile on his face. Handling the lobby bar of the Artotel Thamrin as their Head of Mixology, Zaky oversees the creation of their signature cocktails. The most recent winner of the Monkey Shoulder Ultimate Bartender Competition for Indonesia, he brought his talents and flair to the finals in India. With nearly a decade worth of experience bartending on the seas and land, you can visit Zaky regularly at the Doublechin bar. Please take the opportunity to try his prized cocktail the Lantera Life next time you visit his bar.

Double Chin Restaurant & Bar

ARTOTEL Thamrin, Jl. Sunda, Jakarta Pusat

P: +628558112233

IG: doublechin_jkt

8. Reiza Yudha Putra – Cork & Screw Jakarta

The current bar manager of the popular Cork & Screw outlets in Jakarta is no freshman in the bar world. The thirteen-year veteran, Reiza Yudha Putra, has worked in various significant outlets in Jakarta and now expertly oversees the operation and beverage program of all three outlets in the city. One of the most significant moments in his career came in 2018 when he made it to the top 4 of the Global Round of the Legends of London competition after being crowned the Indonesian champion. You can spot Reiza at either one of the Cork & Screw bars, which he manages, if you do, order his specialty Green Pea-ce cocktail.

Cork & Screw Country Club

National Golf Club, Jl. Asia Afrika Pintu IX The MAJ, Jakarta Pusat

P: +6221 5706365

IG: corknscrew

9. Rizky Ramdhani Razak – Barong Bar at the Fairmont Hotel Jakarta

One of the youngest bartender entries in this list, Rizky Ramdhani Razak, has proven that age is only a number in the world of bartending. Rizky currently handles the elusive Barong Bar, located in the Fairmont Hotel in Senayan. His four years of experience behind the bar reached a milestone when he won the Giffard Agave All The Way cocktail competition last year in 2019. Talented in twisting local flavors into classic cocktail recipes, you will find him behind the bar on most days of the week. Please have a chat with him at the bar and let him design a carefully curated cocktail just for you.

Barong Bar

Fairmont Hotel Jakarta, Jl. Asia Afrika No.8, Jakarta Pusat

P: +6221 29703333

IG: barongbarjkt


10. Trisna Albona – Sofia, The Gunawarman

Undoubtedly one of the most well-known names in the Indonesian bar industry, Trisnawati, or more commonly known as Trisna Albona or simply Bona, broke barriers early in her career as a female bartender in Indonesia. Back in 2013, she was crowned champion of the Ungava Cocktail Competition, marking her as a heavy hitter behind the bar. Her nearly fifteen years of experience, and her achievements have earned her a reputation as an industry icon. Now she oversees the beverage program in Syah Establishment outlets as the corporate beverage manager. However, you will most likely find her behind the bar at Sofia at the Gunwarman Hotel.

Sofia at The Gunawarman

The Gunawarman, Jl. Gunawarman No.3, Jakarta Selatan

P: +6221 22770007

IG: thegunawarman

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