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5 Better Ways to Drink Wine Today

As many of you know, since 5000 B.C., wine is and has been the staple and alcohol of choice for many worldwide. Used in religious rituals to celebratory feasts, people will undoubtedly be asking the question: "red or white" for years to come. Although many of us already know the basic wine service, typically chilled in a wine glass, this International Drink Wine Day 2021, I'd like to share with you five other and arguably more exciting ways to enjoy wine.

1. Make A Cocktail

Wine has been used in cocktail recipes as early as the 1800s. Even today, many wine cocktails are staples, especially on brunch menus, which have gained popularity. Fruity drinks like the Mimosa and Bellini utilize sparkling wines like prosecco for a signature refreshing summer sip. Italian aperitif cocktails like the ever-popular Aperol Spritz and the less so Spagliato have also made their way into cocktail menus worldwide. Even some classic cocktails like the Whiskey Sour have been upgraded with a red wine float to create a New York Sour.

2. Cook It With Spices

Popular especially during the winter season, making mulled wine is a proven solution to warm even the coldest nights. First records of mulled wine date back to the 2nd Century in Rome; today, many European countries have their versions and recipes. Known as Glühwein in German-speaking countries and glögg in Nordic nations, the essential recipes are similar, where red wine is cooked or mulled with various spices, fruits, and more liquor. Served hot and usually straight over the fire or stove, it is a significant departure from the basic wine-drinking experience.

3. Mix Up A Spanish Delicacy

Sangria is a perfect red wine drink for the hot weather in the summers. Originating from the Iberian peninsula on the Mediterranean, it is a great punch drink to prepare for a group. Traditionally from Spain and Portugal, the recipe consists of red wine and chopped fruits, and usually other ingredients and spirits. The inclusion of fruits like peaches, nectarines, berries, apples, pears, and sweeteners like sugar and orange juice makes Sangria incredibly easy to drink. Also, adding liquor like brandy and sparkling water gives the drink a little refreshing punch. Easy to prepare, this wine drink recipe is great to have on hand for the next time you need to entertain a party.

4. Spike A Holiday Favourite

This is a recipe I discovered last Christmas looking for spiked hot chocolate recipes. A simple hack to a favorite childhood drink, red wine and chocolate surprisingly go well together in a drink. During the next family Christmas party, while the kids have their hot chocolate with mini marshmallows, make an extra batch for the adults, but pour in some red wine for a more decadent sip.

5. Try Vermouth!

Okay, so technically, vermouths are in their own category of wine; these still count! Vermouths are aromatized fortified wines flavored with various botanicals like roots, barks, flowers, seeds, herbs, and spices. Originally used in Italy for medicinal purposes, it was later served as aperitifs in Turin's fashionable cafes. Today, vermouths are an essential ingredient for bartenders to creates some classic cocktails. Sweet vermouths are used to make tipples like the Manhattan, Negroni, and Americano. Dry vermouths are usually used in martini recipes. Enjoyed chilled or in a cocktail, there is no doubt that you should try vermouths if you like wine.

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