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5 Ways to Celebrate World Bartender Day

Today we celebrate the unsung heroes of the food and beverage industry, the bartenders that serve, entertain, and keep us company into the late nights. World Bartender Day, celebrated on the 24th of February annually, recognizes and celebrates bartenders for their often under-appreciated role. The holiday is meant to encourage people to support these men and women through generous tips and other means. Amid the pandemic, the hospitality industry is one of the most badly hit, with many staff laid off and business in financial danger. So on #WorldBartenderDay this year, it is even more crucial to recognize and support those in the industry. Below are five ways you and your friends can celebrate and take part in supporting the bartenders we know and love.

1. Thank Your Bartenders

Send a message of appreciation and thanks to your favorite bartenders. They work tirelessly to provide their customers the best quality of hospitality and drinks consistently. Sometimes even a small gesture like this can go a long way in the industry and boost even the most dwindling spirits. Do this via text, WhatsApp, or IG direct messaging. Or even dedicate a post or a story of appreciation to your favorite bartenders!

2. Visit Their Bar

Depending on travel restrictions in your city, you may want to drop by and visit your bartenders at their bars. A personal visit and show of support this week will be significant. Please bring a friend with you, order some of their signature cocktails and some bar bites. Strike a quick conversation with the bartenders and ask them how they are doing. Post some photos on social media and show that the bar is open and running! However, remember to stay safe and observe the social distancing and health protocols to protect you and the people around you.

3. Buy Them A Drink and Tip Well

Flip the script and buy your bartenders a drink on you. They work tirelessly creating delicious cocktails for their customers and don't often enjoy their handiwork. It is a simple a kind gesture from the customer that would mean a lot to them. Also if you're in a country that allows tipping, then don't forget to add a little extra on the top!

4. Order Delivery

For those of you who can't make it out to the bars, you can still show your support by ordering delivery. Some bars will have their signature cocktails in a to-go form ready for delivery. Many bars also have food offerings from their kitchens; maybe order in your dinner tonight. Be sure to check with your bar how to serve their to-go cocktail best and its "best by date" to ensure the best drinking experience. Post photos on social media to alert your friends that these bars are open and ready for delivery.

5. Donate Through A Crowdfunding Platform

Since the start of the pandemic, many crowdfunding platforms were created in response to the growing unemployment rate throughout the world. These online platforms are designed to receive online donations and redistribute the funds directly to the community and individuals in need. Search online for your local established crowdfunding platform to start supporting your community via donations.

For those of you in Indonesia, a recommended crowdfunding platform is Established locally, connects people in need of financial support (usually due to pandemic-related reasons) with anonymous donators. With many people around Indonesia in need of support during this trying period, a little help goes a long way.

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