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Hot Toddy

Finally a hot cocktail! It’s been a tough couple months at home and I’ve been a bit under the weather, I think it’s the lack of sunlight. So here’s a solid hot toddy recipe for y’all to warm your nights and soothe your throats for International Hot Toddy Day.

For those who don’t know, a Hot Toddy is a hot cocktail that is comprised of several basic ingredients: whiskey, lemon juice, honey/sugar, spices, hot water. There’s no set recipe but the combination of ingredients are generally the same. It’s a great way to enjoy your whiskey and feel a lot better in the process!

Because the Hot Toddy is a hot cocktail, it’s usually made on a cool day. Here’s a quick and easy recipe for y’all to try at home.

Hot Toddy

- 60ml Bourbon Whiskey

- 15ml Honey

- 15ml Lemon Juice

- 90ml Hot Water

Combine the ingredients in a glass with a lemon wheel filled with cloves. Stir and enjoy!

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