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Hot Toddy

A perfect hot cocktail for those under the weather or stuck at home in winter. The Hot Toddy for years since I first lived in the icy north of upstate New York was my go-to warm comfort drink. A cozy combination of whiskey, lemon, sugar/honey, and boiling water is like a spiked remedy to soothe the senses. Very easy to prepare and takes about as long as it does to boil water to craft together, this is the cold remedy you're looking for.

Hot Toddy

  • 60ml Whiskey

  • 15ml Lemon Juice

  • Brown Sugar or Honey

  • Boiling Water

Fill a mug hallway with fresh boiling water. Add the sugar or honey, lemon juice, and whiskey. Add a lemon wheel stuck with cloves. Stir and serve.

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