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Irish Coffee

Calling all coffee lovers!

Upgrade your home brew experience with an Irish Coffee. One of the most popular hot cocktails that is served in bars across the world.

Today is International Irish Coffee Day, so here’s the quick lowdown on the Irish classic. Said to have first been created in Ireland by Joe Sheridan in the early 1940s, the Irish Coffee is one of those drinks you can easily make at home. Smooth Irish whiskey combines really well with rich black coffee topped with cool cream. It’s perfect for a chilly evening or a pick me up after dinner.

Irish Coffee

• 45ml Jameson Irish Whiskey

• 10ml Brown Sugar Syrup

• 120ml Brewed Hot Coffee

• Top with Lightly Whipped Heavy Cream

In a heat proof glass, add the brown sugar syrup, Irish whiskey, and freshly brewed hot coffee. Stir to combine. Lightly whip the heavy cream, either with a cocktail shaker or protein shaker. Layer the cold cream over the hot drink. It’s optional to add grated nutmeg, I prefer it without. Enjoy!

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