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It's 'bout Thyme

If you’re ever in need of a good brunch cocktail, here’s a perfect one for you. It’s ‘bout Thyme for an Aperol Spritz on my page. It’s my go to brunch cocktail because it’s light and refreshing. Here’s a little twist with the addition of a homemade thyme syrup. It adds an extra depth in the flavor and just tastes so damn good!

It’s ‘bout Thyme

• 60ml Aperol

• 90ml Prosecco

• 15ml Homemade Thyme Syrup*

• Splash of Soda Water

Combine ingredients in a wine glass over ice. Stir. Garnish with an orange slice and a spit of thyme. Enjoy!

*the Thyme Syrup can be substituted with regular simple syrup

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