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Layered White Russian

I don’t know why but I was thinking of a White Russian the other day, a classic coffee liqueur, vodka, and milk cocktail. But I thought I’d try something different and layer cream over instead of the traditional mix. I made it with Nusantara Cold Brew a new and local cold brew coffee liqueur which gave the drink its strong coffee notes. It actually turned out great and much more crisp than the classic recipe. Drinking the vodka and coffee liqueur through the cream like you do an Irish Coffee worked for me and I suggest to try it for yourself!

• 45ml Nusantara Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur

• 20ml Vodka

• Heavy Cream*

Combine the vodka and coffee liqueur in a glass with ice and stir. Layer heavy cream* over the drink. Enjoy!

*I lightly whipped my heavy cream in a cocktail shaker

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