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Spooky Carrot

With halloween around the corner I wanted to make a healthier alternative to the sugary delights that are associated with this spooky day. Since pumpkins aren't really a popular ingredient here in Indonesia, I thought I'd go with another vegetable that is easily found, the carrot! A combination of whiskey, carrot, orange, and ginger make for a refreshing and healthy-tasting drink that carries the same hue as a Jack O Lantern. An easy recipe to put together, you can easily replace the imported New Deal Ginger Liqueur with fresh muddled slices of ginger.

Spooky Carrot

  • 45ml Bourbon Whiskey

  • 45ml Carrot Juice

  • 15ml Orange Juice

  • 15ml New Deal Ginger Liqueur

  • 10ml Lemon Juice

  • 10ml Simple Syrup

  • Splash of Ginger Ale

Combine the ingredients except the ginger ale in a shaker with ice. Shake and strain over ice in a glass. Splash ginger ale. Enjoy!

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