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The Local Lad: Villa Andika

Born of beach and sunshine, I Made Villa Surya Andika’s bartending career began nearly a decade ago in his hometown of Denpasar. Proud of his heritage and his culture, Villa’s flair can be found most in his cocktails at Woo Bar. Currently the head mixologist for the entire

W Bali - Seminyak, he has flexed his creative muscles in creating different themed cocktails for all five bars of the hotel. However, you can really find his personality down at Woo Bar, the hotel’s beach bar that has a vast array of tropical cocktails to choose from, perfect for the sunny Bali weather.

Villa comes from a family of bartenders. Growing up with his grandfather, aunt and uncle who were all bartenders, it was obvious to him where he would end up working. Passionate about his work, Villa particularly loves creating and designing cocktails to serve his customers. Citing that it is in the creative process where he thrives the most.

Starting out back in 2010 at Woo Bar as a bartender, he slowly worked his way up the ladder over the years. Attending regular trainings and competitions, he eventually was recognized for his work and diligence and was promoted to head mixologist earlier this year. Drawing inspirations for his cocktails from food, Villa has a huge variety of cocktails to choose from at all of the property’s bars. He insists that tropical cocktails are his favorite to make because he feels that those are the types of cocktails you can enjoy over and over again.

Glowing Margarita

  • Homemade Butterfly Pea Tequila

  • Triple Sec

  • Pineapple Juice

  • Agave Syrup

  • Lemon Juice

  • Pineapple Popsicle

  • Glowing Powder

A brilliantly designed cocktail to sip by the beach or the pool, the Glowing Margarita is a riff on the classic which incorporates a pineapple popsicle and glowing powder in the drink. A refresh-ing combination, you can take a bite out of the popsicle as it melts into the cocktail, thus adding to the flavor. All done as you watch the glowing powder swirl in the drink like peering into space.

Read the original article in Foodies Magazine Issue 02 August/September 2018

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