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The New Yorker: Priash Hasan

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Hailing originally from Bangladesh, Priash Hasan made his career in the food & beverage industry in New York City. Initially moving to the United States to continue his studies, he supported himself by working for various restaurants like Papaya Chicken and Domino's Pizza. It wasn’t until he started to work as a bar back in Blue Water Grill on Union Square, that he decided to take the path to bartending. Coming from one of the most populated Muslim countries in the world, Priash didn’t get his first introduction to alcohol till he came to the United States. However, his time as a bar back and frequent visits to neighbouring bars, his passion and interest in the world of mixology grew.

Priash went on to become a bartender for Perry St. Restaurant in Manhattan, where he continued to refine his skills behind the bar. Under the tutelage of the head bartender there, he grew even more passionate about mixology and creating cocktails. This mentorship proved to be vital in his understanding of mixology, the alcohol, and even the stories behind the spirits.

This year, the owners of Perry St. opened Vong Kitchen, a New York style restaurant and bar in the heart of Jakarta. Now as the bar manager of Vong Kitchen, Priash is attempting to bring his NYC bartending education to his staff in Jakarta. He wishes to help raise the standard of bartending here through the training of his bartenders by focusing on speed, attention, and customer service skills. High standards and consistency he believes are key to also getting customers to switch from buying bottles for the table to ordering cocktails from the bar.

Passion Heat

  • Tequila

  • Passionfruit syrup

  • Mint syrup

  • Lime juice

  • Cinzano Bianco

  • Basil

  • Red chilli flakes

Inspired by the White Heat cocktail from the Perry St menu, the Passion Heat is a cocktail based around one of Priash’s favourite fruits, the passionfruit. The drink is built around the idea of a refreshing cocktail with a kick. Passionfruit, mint, lime, and basil combination achieve just that, with a little “kick” from the red chilli flakes.

Read the original article in Foodies Magazine Vol 3 Issue 4 August 2018

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